BASF plans live Ultracom demo; RTM process demo at Engel stand

BASF’s Ultracom package comprising continuous-fiber reinforced semifinished products; adapted overmolding compounds; and complementary engineering support will be showcased live at K 2013 at the material supplier’s stand (C21/D21 in hall 5)
Visitors to BASF’s booth will be able view a live demo of production of a multi-part hard-shell case. Pre-manufactured Ultralaminate thermoplastic laminate inserts will first be subjected to a plasma treatment to ensure optimal adhesion to the soft component, and then be placed by a robot (from FTP Co.) into a mold from Glittenberg. In the core step, Ultralaminate will be overmolded with the Ultramid (PA) rigid component and the Elastollan (TPU) soft component. Every two half-shells manufactured in this way can be assembled to form a lockable case. The injection molding machine is being provided by Arburg Co.; while the plastic colorants are based on pigments from BASF.

Multi-part hard-shell case and concept bicycle are two of the main attractions at the BASF stand.

Under the umbrella of its Ultracom package, BASF is currently offering Ultralaminate and Ultratape with the appropriate overmolding compounds based on Ultramid COM and the associated development platform with design, manufacturing and testing know-how.
At the Engel booth, meanwhile, visitors can see a lock shroud for the X-Bow sports car from KTM produced in via a RTM (resin transfer molding) process on an Engel v-duo 700 using a BASF polyurethane system. as well as machine manufacturer Engel’s stand (B52/C58 in hall 5).

Plastic bicycle
Bicycles made almost entirely from plastic have existed for a long time. What has not existed to date is a concept e-bicycle that incorporates as many different, and sometimes very innovative plastic types, that contribute their specific benefits. On the basis of the Performance Materials platform formed in January 2013 to consolidate plastics from polyurethanes through thermoplastics, foams, epoxy resins and composite products, BASF is exhibiting a concept bicycle to demonstrate potential capabilities: conceived by the design agency DING3000, the “Concept 1865 – Rethinking Materials” e-bike utilizes more than 20 different BASF plastics. Why 1865? BASF was founded in the year that the first pedal bicycles appeared: This is why the functional and ready-to-ride bicycle design study has taken the shape of a historic high-seat bicycle. It embodies a "thought experiment" on the subject "Rethinking materials." The vehicle is an invitation to customers to challenge established products and to develop together with the company new application ideas for mobility and urbanization on the basis of modern plastics.

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