K 2013: StackTeck Expands in-mold closing (IMC) capabilities

StackTeck Ltd., (Hall 01/Stand D09 K 2013) a designer and manufacturers of high-productivity mold solutions for the injection molding industry, announced a new range of mold capabilities for In-Mold Closing (IMC) of injection molded parts. IMC has been offered for many years for flip-top closures, to fold the part over a living hinge and close the flip-top part before releasing it from the mold. The primary advantages of this approach included precision of the closing motion, as well as the opportunity to fold the living hinge while the plastic is still hot, resulting in enhanced durability of the hinge.

Key developments in this technology have focused on using multiple, separate motions of the closing arms, while optimizing the control of closing force, particularly for high cavitation molds. The compact design of the closing arms allows for maximum cavitation in any given press size, and the minimized stroke distance required for closing enables the fastest possible cycle time, explained StackTeck.

IMC makes it possible to fold these parts and lock them in the closed position using clasp mechanisms, prior to ejection from the mold. The closing arms provide precise movement with a well controlled closing force that is consistent between all of the mold cavities.


“This is where our dual strengths in plastic part design and mold expertise come together to bring value to the customer,” said Randy Yakimishyn, StackTeck president. “In this case the functionality of the part has been greatly improved, at moderate cost, while maintaining a simple free-drop and bulk handling format at the molding stage.”


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Please send more details

By Anonymous September 4, 2013 - 8:46pm

Please send more details about your range of moulds produced.


By Anonymous September 4, 2013 - 8:42pm

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