K 2013: Thermoplay introducing new FN nozzle family

Thermoplay SpA will introduce its new FN series nozzle family to replace the current F series. The new FN series will reduce maintenance time to replace the heater and the thermocouple, which can now be performed without having to remove the nozzle tip. The FN nozzles are available in diameters of 16, 24, 32 and 46 mm with the same standard lengths as the F series. These new FN series nozzles can be seen in Hall 2/Stand F12.

Additionally, the versions with 16-, 24- and 32-mm diameters come with a special bimetallic insert in titanium and tempered steel inside the tip group, thus allowing a wider area of contact with the mold. This reduces the risk of wear in the gate area and possible plastic leakage, also decreasing the thermal exchange between nozzle and mold resulting in reduced power consumption.

Since the gat geometry of the FN series is unchanged in comparison to the F-series, the F series nozzles can be easily replaced with the FN series without any additional machining in the mold.

The FN series screw-in nozzle system has all the characteristics described above with the added benefit of being able to be screwed into the manifold. The new screw-in nozzle is available in the diameters of 24, 32, 46 and 60 mm. The new version with 60 mm has an internal channel of 25 mm to facilitate optimal flow of plastic material. The valve pin has a diameter up to 10 mm to get a wider injection point. The nozzle lengths can be customized as required, up to a maximum of 696 mm with multiple heaters.

The screw-in nozzle is available with or without a valve gate. The shut-off group is compact, with a minimum height of 89.5 mm to simplify machining. Additionally, the pin can be adjusted without removing the group from the mold.

Thermoplay’s new screw-in nozzle systems can be supplied pre-wired complete with cooling and pneumatic/hydraulic circuits assembled ready to be installed into the mold.

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