Mold-Masters Celebrates its 50th anniversary, showcases new product line-up

Mold-Masters Ltd. is celebrating 50 years of innovation for the mold manufacturing industry this year, claiming nearly 1000 registered patents over the company’s history. Recently acquired by Milacron, Mold-Masters continues to expand its portfolio of new products and cutting-edge technology. Its latest innovations can be seen at the K Show 2013, Hall 1/A39, including:

IRIS, Co-Injection technology for medical, food and beverage applications will be demonstrated in a live molding cell, producing HDPE closures in a 16-cavity, fast-cycling closure mold. The system incorporates Mold-Masters’ IRIS co-injection hot runner, an E-Multi secondary injection unit, and E-Drive servo driven valve gate control, all integrated into a single control unit.

IMD from Brugg, Switzerland, will be providing sophisticated testing equipment that has the ability to detect the presence, thickness, and location of clear barriers in all parts produced. The innovative testing system is supplemented with the entire downstream equipment IMDvista INOX line for cooling, sorting and packing of the parts.

The IRIS technology will also be shown molding a thin-walled cat food container, live in the Stork Plastics Machinery booth (Hall 13/D72). This system is integrated with a mold provided by Van Den Brink. Co-injection in thin-wall containers eliminates the need to use a multilayer thermoformed structure with tie layers and glue.

Mold-Masters also launched two new additions to its E-Multi lineup, to include the EM4-550 and the EM2-16, for molders looking to economically optimize their existing injection molding machine assets with an auxiliary injection unit solution that is mobile, compact and footprint neutral.

Several other new products will be launched at the K Show, including the Fusion G2 line, which has been expanded with the F7000 nozzle and equipped with new heater technology for automotive applications and large part molders.

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