REP rolls out 10th generation rubber molding machines at K

K 2013 marks the debut of REP's 10th generation of rubber injection molding machines, featuring predictive maintenance software. The G10 line’s V710 machine features the company’s patented injection system, with injection pressue up to 3000 bar possible. With a clamping force of 500 tons, the V710 will succeed the 500-ton V79.
The machine has a three-step closing unit, featuring a clamping block system that allows for a large opening stroke with a displacement speed much higher than a telescopic system, for instanace. REP says that thanks to low mechanical stress or other complex solutions, it needs considerably less maintenance. The accuracy of the opening/closing strokes and clamping/unclamping strokes allows for the reliable degassing control. and the stability of the whole unit guarantees optimized quality of the parting line.
The V710 is also equipped with a new Multitask interface. The operator will be able to simultaneously display two screen pages on the oversized 21.5-inch touch screen, which is divided into two areas to set parameters, follow a trend, or monitor a control.
The G10 is equipped with predictive maintenance software, making it possible to warn the operator of any possible component wear and anticipate the required maintenance operations to prevent machine failure. The G10’s autotuning function automatically optimizes the setting of speed parameters. Finally, in order to allow for remote diagnosis and maintenance support, REP machines will be equipped with a 3G modem from now for connection without requiring the internal customer network.
The G10 REP’s energy-saving package includes reinforced insulation between the traverse and the heater plate, which cuts mold heating and reduces energy consumption by 16%. Additional insulating of the injection unit cuts energy dedicated to compound preparation by up to 15%. And finally, the new servomotor-driven pump unit, including a synchronous motor controlled by a variable speed drive and a constant displacement pump, allows for a 40% cut in energy consumption.

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