K Channel Articles

Styrolution tackles flexible PVC replacement

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf — Styrolution, the two-year-old German-based supplier of styrenic plastics, is working with a leading medical supply producer to develop flexible styrenics that can replace flexible PVC in collection and infusion bags, medical tubing, and multilayer tubes.

Fruits of the collaboration are on display at the Styrolution stand (5/C24) at K2013.

RadiciGroup - a special kind of chemical company

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf - With the launch today of three totally new product families at the international K Show, Radici is considerably expanding its offering of high-end engineering plastics.

"Our core business is polyamide," explained Erico Spini, director of marketing and application development. "We've developed these three new families because we wanted to enter the market with specific materials tailored to applications that would bring higher profitability for Radici."

Sabic broadens portfolio to create new solutions

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf - "We're on a continuing journey towards excellence," said Koos van Haasteren, executive VP of performance chemical for Sabic Europe, at Sabic's K conference. "Delivering solutions to meet industrial trends, we are addressing our customers' needs with technology."

To do so, the company is venturing into new areas, such as carbon fibers and new materials, as part of its diversification strategy.

Haitian emphasizes all-electrics, two-platen machines as key elements of growth strategy

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf — Making good on its previously-announced aspiration to become the world's leading suppliers of all-electric injection molding machines, China's Haitian (15/A41) is constructing a mammoth production plant dedicated to their manufacture in its home city of Ningbo.

Speaking at a press event at the K trade fair, Haitian's CEO Professor Helmar Franz said the new 120,000-sq-m plant would be operational at the beginning of 2014 with capacity for 10,000 machines annually.

Dow Elastomers plans major boost in post-metallocene EPDM capacity

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf - Dow Elastomers will soon break ground on a world-scale Nordel EPDM (ethylene propylene-diene terpolymer) facility in Plaquemine, LA, USA, which will utilize the company's latest proprietary catalyst technology to enable production of grades with high Mooney viscosities.

There’s music in the air…

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf - At the Bayer booth (A75, Hall 6), that is, where a futuristic prototype interactive cello made of a transparent cast polyurethane resin will be displayed, together with an ensemble of other musical instruments made from Bayer plastics. The Cello 2.0, as it is called, is lightweight and ergonomically shaped, with interactive features designed to enhance the experience of playing the instrument.

Dynisco's innovative Vertex pressure sensor delivers on its promise

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf - In a marked departure from traditional sensor technology, Dynisco's Vertex pressure sensor for plastics extrusion applications, which is making its trade show debut here at K, has done away with the need for sensing with the help of mechanical structures or fill media. Instead, the Vertex offers direct sensing at the tip.

It's new and it's green from Solvay Acetow: cellulose acetate bioplastic

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf - Solvay Acetow is announcing the introduction of its new Ocalio cellulose acetate bio-plastic, manufactured using wood pulp, for the first time here at the K show. "Actually, what people mostly know about us is that 95% of our material is used to make cigarette filters," said Louis Cozzari, Business Development Manager at Solvay Acetow. "But now we're diversifying into other products. We are, after all, a natural based, "green" material. We source all our wood pulp from SFI certified forests. So, with our material, there is no competition with food."

Electrically-driven hot runner targets automotive applications

October 15, 2013

Italian hot runner system vendor HRSflow (San Polo di Piave) is participating in this year’s K Show with its new FLEXflow product taking center stage with a live demo.

BMB showcasing new all-electric IM solutions

October 14, 2013

BMB SpA (Brescia, Italy) will be in Hall 13, Stand A33, to demonstrate how BMB has anticipated market demands and, in cooperation with its customers, has invested heavily in R&D to provide high-performance solutions. The company’s growth in all-electric machine designs has given the company the opportunity to focus on production cells capable of operating at extremely fast cycle times, while offering precision and energy reduction of between 45% and 60% on a rugged, reliable platform.