K Channel Articles

Romi showcases new all-electric, hybrid and general-purpose machines at K 2013

October 7, 2013

More precision, more efficiency, more productivity and less energy consumption—those were the goals Brazil’s Indústrias Romi SA put in place for its newest injection molding machines, which will be highlighted at K. Romi’s 400-sq-m booth (Hall 15 / Booth D40) will showcase the all-new Romi EN 450 and the Romi EL 75 presses, as well as the recently launched Romi EL 300.

REP rolls out 10th generation rubber molding machines at K

October 7, 2013

K 2013 marks the debut of REP's 10th generation of rubber injection molding machines, featuring predictive maintenance software. The G10 line’s V710 machine features the company’s patented injection system, with injection pressue up to 3000 bar possible. With a clamping force of 500 tons, the V710 will succeed the 500-ton V79.

BASF plans live Ultracom demo; RTM process demo at Engel stand

October 6, 2013

BASF’s Ultracom package comprising continuous-fiber reinforced semifinished products; adapted overmolding compounds; and complementary engineering support will be showcased live at K 2013 at the material supplier’s stand (C21/D21 in hall 5)

RocTool presents three new applications at K 2013

October 2, 2013

RocTool, a designer, developer and marketer under licensing of its innovative processes for fast molding of composites, plastic injection and other technologies, will conduct demonstrations and showcase parts at the RocTool Stand (Hall 15/Stand C41), with a hybrid demonstration at the Engel stand (Hall 15/B42).

No shock: TPU innovation is far from static

October 2, 2013

We are all familiar with the crackling sound and one's hair standing on end when taking off a synthetic sweater - which is at worst mildly discomforting. In industry however, the electrostatic charging of plastics can cause the failure of electronic components and computer chips and is even capable of igniting combustible gases, vapors and dusts. 

Non-phthalate plasticizer to showcase at K

October 2, 2013

The Perstorp Group will be presenting what's described as an innovative new general-purpose plasticizer developed specifically for sensitive close-to-consumer applications. Called Pevalen, the plasticizer is based on a polyolester chemistry.

Verstraete to show 16 IML systems at K 2013

October 1, 2013

Verstraete, a producer of in mold labels, has partnered up with 34 companies to show 16 IML systems at the upcoming K 2013.

To make sure that all visitors get the details of each running IML machine using its labels, Verstraete developed an app, which can be found on www.verstraete-iml.com/k2013.

Foam injection eliminates need for defect-hiding textured surfaces

September 30, 2013

A new process for molding airbag covers promises a 30% reduction in the amount of material used, less distortion in finished parts, and easier designing for engineers. At K 2013, Research institute Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology ICT (Pfinztal, Germany; Stand 7/B05) will showcase thermoplastic foam injection (FIM) as a means to produce structural parts like airbag covers without the striations that can form during standard foam injection.

AST Technology previews new CVe Live at K

September 30, 2013

Now molders can view mold activity in real time with the new CVe Live remote monitoring system from AST Technology, a Progressive Components Inc. Group, being featured at Hall 1 Stand E36. Using a website interface, this upgraded version of the CVe Monitor gives users the ability to view mold activity in real time, providing information such as cycle times, quantity of cycles, and maintenance for tools running around the globe.

DME products to cut tooling costs, promote efficiencies

September 30, 2013

DME Company, a mold technologies resource to customers worldwide will be showcasing ways to cut tooling costs and improve molding efficiencies with their presence at K 2013.