K Advisor Newsletter Articles

Electrically-driven hot runner targets automotive applications

October 15, 2013

Italian hot runner system vendor HRSflow (San Polo di Piave) is participating in this year’s K Show with its new FLEXflow product taking center stage with a live demo.

BMB showcasing new all-electric IM solutions

October 14, 2013

BMB SpA (Brescia, Italy) will be in Hall 13, Stand A33, to demonstrate how BMB has anticipated market demands and, in cooperation with its customers, has invested heavily in R&D to provide high-performance solutions. The company’s growth in all-electric machine designs has given the company the opportunity to focus on production cells capable of operating at extremely fast cycle times, while offering precision and energy reduction of between 45% and 60% on a rugged, reliable platform.

Borealis goes short and long with glass fiber PP compound series; starts production in Italy

October 13, 2013

Borealis (6/A43) and group sales and marketing company Borouge (Singapore) have launched a series of engineered short (SGF) and long glass fiber (LGF) polypropylene (PP) that consolidates its Xmod and Nepol glass fiber brands under one common name: Fibremod. Connected to the launch of Fibremod, Borealis has announces the start up of a new long glass fiber line in Monza, Italy. Read the complete story here.

K 2013: Thermoplay introducing new FN nozzle family

October 11, 2013

Thermoplay SpA will introduce its new FN series nozzle family to replace the current F series. The new FN series will reduce maintenance time to replace the heater and the thermocouple, which can now be performed without having to remove the nozzle tip. The FN nozzles are available in diameters of 16, 24, 32 and 46 mm with the same standard lengths as the F series. These new FN series nozzles can be seen in Hall 2/Stand F12.

Mold-Masters Celebrates its 50th anniversary, showcases new product line-up

October 11, 2013

Mold-Masters Ltd. is celebrating 50 years of innovation for the mold manufacturing industry this year, claiming nearly 1000 registered patents over the company’s history. Recently acquired by Milacron, Mold-Masters continues to expand its portfolio of new products and cutting-edge technology. Its latest innovations can be seen at the K Show 2013, Hall 1/A39, including:

Multi-layer polyamide system for conductive fuel lines

October 9, 2013

There is an increasing demand for conductive automotive fuel lines due to safety reasons. The use of conductive plastic tubes for feed and return lines has become essential for US car manufacturers as well as for OEMs in Japan and Korea. Nowadays, even European OEMs are orienting towards this trend too. This is according to a key Japanese supplier of resins for this application; Ube Industries.

StackTeck showcases advanced technologies

October 7, 2013

StackTeck Systems Ltd., a Brampton, ON manufacturer of high-productivity tooling solutions for the injection molding industry, will be showcasing several new and advanced technologies at the 2013 K Show. In Hall 01, Stand D09, StackTeck’s booth, the company will feature a static display of a 2-cavity co-injection cup mold. The mold produces a lightweight, thin-wall cup with L/T ratio of 266, and includes barrier technology by Mold-Masters Ltd. StackTeck (www.stackteck.com) will also have a display of co-injection packaging solutions that include lightweight, thin-wall barrier cups and containers with barrier technology by Kortec.

BASF plans live Ultracom demo; RTM process demo at Engel stand

October 6, 2013

BASF’s Ultracom package comprising continuous-fiber reinforced semifinished products; adapted overmolding compounds; and complementary engineering support will be showcased live at K 2013 at the material supplier’s stand (C21/D21 in hall 5)

RocTool presents three new applications at K 2013

October 2, 2013

RocTool, a designer, developer and marketer under licensing of its innovative processes for fast molding of composites, plastic injection and other technologies, will conduct demonstrations and showcase parts at the RocTool Stand (Hall 15/Stand C41), with a hybrid demonstration at the Engel stand (Hall 15/B42).

AST Technology previews new CVe Live at K

September 30, 2013

Now molders can view mold activity in real time with the new CVe Live remote monitoring system from AST Technology, a Progressive Components Inc. Group, being featured at Hall 1 Stand E36. Using a website interface, this upgraded version of the CVe Monitor gives users the ability to view mold activity in real time, providing information such as cycle times, quantity of cycles, and maintenance for tools running around the globe.