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Arburg drops first K bombshell — it invents new additive manufacturing process

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf — The worlds of precision injection molding and additive manufacturing are coming to a dramatic meeting point here at K 2013.

In an announcement in a late-day press conference before the show opening, Arburg—a leading global supplier of mostly small injection molding machines—said it has developed and will begin selling an additive manufacturing machine that uses regular plastic resins. Arburg has filed for 20 patents covering various aspects of its technologies, which were only indicated in vague terms during formal presentations and follow-up interviews.

Brown Machine introduces new VersaForm FTS-760 thermoformer

October 19, 2013

Traditionally recognized as a provider of wide-bed continuous and cut sheet thermoforming equipment, Brown Machine LLC has integrated many state-of-the-art technical advancements into its latest machine, the VersaForm, to address the production needs of global plastic thermoforming companies. This new machine can be seen at the K Show in Hall 3, Stand G86.

Growth in plasticizers market drives new expansion for Emerald Performance Materials

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf — Emerald Kalama Chemical, a business group of Emerald Performance Materials, is investing an estimated 5-10 million Euro to re-start a second benzoic acid reactor train at its facility in Rotterdam, Netherlands, adding 75,000 metric tons of new capacity for benzoic acid, the company announced at its K show press conference. With the basic infrastructure already in place, the main investment is in controls and automation, "with little headcount impact," said Julie Vaughn, VP of business development and marketing services at Emerald Performance Materials.

U.S. is suddenly the global bright spot for machine sales

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf — The United States is suddenly the star in the global market for injection molding machines. That was one of the highlights of the Engel press presentation at K2013.

Demand for machines in the Americas will grow 6.3% this year, while global demand will drop 6.4%, according to forecasts made by Dr. Peter Neumann, CEO of Engel (Schwertberg, Austria). "Demand for machines in the United States which had dropped to 1400, are surprisingly back up to 4000," Dr. Neumann said at a press conference. Demand for machines in Mexico is also very strong. Strong business conditions in the United States are driven in part by the shale gas revolution which is lowering natural gas prices.

Erema unveils what it calls a “new dimension" in plastics recycling

October 19, 2013

Düsseldorf — You know you're at K 2013, when there is a digital clock down, women playing saxophones and lots of champagne. All of that helped set the tone for plastics recycler systems provider Erema to showcase a new plant system.

Erema's new plant system, called Intarema, features new core technology and is based on the newly developed and globally patented Counter Current technology from Erema.

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